With the fall equinox, it’s a perfect time to examine the balance within all facets of your life.

You strive to have balance in everything you do. Afterall, they say let’s have work, life balance, right? The funny thing is that’s there’s no such thing as balance.

Within everything you do there’s an ebb and flow. No one works exactly eight hours, sleeps eight hours, works out one hour day and spends the rest of their time with loved ones. You only wish that was the case!

Here is where you can start.

Over the summer, something magical was brought to fruition. Something blossomed more than you ever thought it could. You gave a situation, a project or a relationship a little extra love and attention. What can you celebrate?

Best of all, how will you celebrate it? This is such an important step. And, most of you miss it completely. It is time to celebrate all the effort you put in! If you don’t celebrate, you end up cranky and resentful that no one noticed what you did. And, who wants to be a part of that.

On the flip side, there’s also the hard truths. You likely sacrificed parts of your life to make something happen.

There are exactly 99 days left this year.

If you spent 1 hour a day on one project for the next 99 days, you can bring a tremendous amount of progress forward.

What facets of your life can come back into harmony? What areas did you leave in the dark that require extra sun, water, and nourishment right now.

There’s time to end this year on a high note.

At the equinox celebrate the light of your accomplishments and the darkness of where improvements are warranted. 

Wishing you an abundant, joyful and prosperous day!

Lora Polowczuk
Chief Energy Officer
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