With an eager anticipation, people from all walks of life slowly gathered into the event space. The air is filled with excitement and hesitation.

How do I talk about my business?

What types of contacts can I find?

How can I best serve another entrepreneur?

This large gathering of entrepreneurs was all about how to move each other forward. Five selected people were chosen for the coveted hot seat. Adam enthusiastic about the impact he could make on the world was outstanding. As he spoke about his dream, a touch of nervousness could be heard in his tone of voice.

What will people think of this idea?

Will people think I’m out of my mind?

Will people wonder if I can actually make this happen?

Have you ever found yourself doubting a big idea? Yet, in your heart, this idea tastes the same as biting into a rich decadent chocolate cake.

What happened next opened the eyes of every participant in the room. Ears perked up. People sat up taller in the chair.

Adam finished sharing his big idea. Next came audience feedback and ideas on how to move this forward. Adam was specifically looking for capital to fund his project.

One by one, audience members were giving Adam pieces of advice. Then, a tall gentleman in a quiet, yet stern voice said.  “You’re asking for way too little capital. Your idea is so brilliant that you need to seek investors for over 1000x what you asked for.”

Adam’s face flushed. He scrunched down in the seat with his face turning red by the second. Inside, all he could think was, WOW! It’s time to think bigger. My idea can change the world completely.

Most people think Elon Musk was nuts to create Tesla. It took ten years to become a profitable company. Now, everyone wishes they invested ten years ago.

It’s time for you to think big and play bigger. 

Wishing you an abundant, joyful and prosperous day!

Lora Polowczuk
Chief Energy Officer
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