Can you really have enough outdoor time?

Several years ago, I made a point of rock climbing every single Wednesday afternoon with a local climbing club. And what I recognized is that was my tranquility time, that was social time, that was me getting in tune with nature. And it was absolutely amazing because that was my one piece of the week that I would never schedule anything over. It never got cancelled. It never got postponed unless it was raining. But what I recognize is that sometimes, that two hours a week isn’t sufficient enough.

Because when it comes to outdoors, it’s about resetting your mind. It’s about resetting your body. It’s about that rejuvenation time.

And you know what? You need more than just that couple of hours a week to reset. You don’t work 40, and some of you, I know you, you work 80 hours a week. You need to have more than one hour a day to reset, or one hour a week to reset. It’s about bringing more of this into your life. So I’m going to ask you, how can you incorporate more of nature and outdoors into your life? Because you can never have enough outdoor time. I look forward to seeing you joining me sometime soon.

I’m Lora Polowczuk, and I’d love to see you join me on a fun adventure sometime soon.

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