Ever thought you work too much? It comes across our minds at some point in our life.

All for what? To create a better life for your kids, families, and significant other.

With the onset of the Labor Movement, children became protected and no longer forced into slave labor. This became the idea behind our Labor Day holiday. 

Yet, for many people, one thing hasn’t changed over the last one hundred plus years. You continue to work long days. 

Yes, you make more than bare minimum wage.

You have a more spacious house. 

You eat better quality food. 

You have access to more information and technology.

The funny thing is this. You can take your six figure plus salary and divide it by your hours working and you’re hourly rate isn’t that high.

You also feel that something valuable is missing. 

Time freedom.

So, what’s really changed since then?

Your ability to choose how you spend your time.

Technology is wonderful. We get more done faster. Yet, it’s also your biggest distraction.

The difference between the successful elite and the six figure stressed out worker is this:

1)      Spend your time and energy on what moves you forward, 

2)      Eliminate distractions, and 

3)      Make better, faster decisions. 

These three play off each other. 

Make daily conscious choices that utilize your time and energy to move you forward. 

Wishing you an abundant, joyful and prosperous day!

Lora Polowczuk
Chief Energy Officer
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