The intense energy from solar flares yesterday blew out transformers, brought down telecommunications, and interrupted our technology.

Yet, it also gave us new energy to work with. These waves brought gamma waves which excited our bodies and brains to heightened levels of awareness. This may have caused difficult sleeping, extreme focus, agitation, or even anxiety.

In brain science terms, gamma waves bring intense focus to whatever you’re doing. If you’re in a state of clarity, you can get more work done in a single hour than all day. If you’re scattered, you become agitated since you don’t even know where to begin.

Let’s look at this deeper and from another angle.

Imagine two different gardens. The gardens are the same size and receive the same amount of rain and nutrients. At the same time of year, vegetable seeds were planted.

The first garden was filled with dandelions, vines, and clovers. This caused the vegetable plants to grow only minimally as the weeds were taking up the nutrients intended for the vegetables. Soon, the weeds out grew the vegetables and drowned out their sunlight. The vegetable plants only bore a few pieces of vegetables each. Hardly enough to feed a family for the summer. No one regularly tended to the garden. The plants wilted and never gave rise to a huge harvest.

The second garden was different. Each week the garden was weeded. Each plant was pruned to allow for more vegetables to form. This gave rise to a bountiful harvest of cucumbers, tomatoes, and butternut squash that was shared with the entire community.

How you tend to your garden determines how fast your plants will grow.

Every seed requires nutrients, water and space to grow. Where in your life do you need to clear out space? Your dreams and desires require space to come to fruition.

Nature even has a natural way this occurs. It’s called forest fires. Believe it or not, forest fires clear the extra underbrush to clear the way for more growth to occur. It’s only the man-caused forest fires that cause destruction. Pine trees only release their seeds when threatened for survival. That’s when the pine trees release their pine cones which contain seeds to the forest floor.

So you’re asking, what does this all have to do with solar flares? With intense energy, it’s about having a clear space to receive incoming energy. This allows your body and brain ample space to process it. It’s much like a computer that has a full hard drive. It runs slower if it’s full.

Now is the time to clear your space.  Reassess. Re-evaluate. Reorganize. Reprioritize. Revamp. Most of all, clear your negative thoughts.

Wishing you an abundant, joyful and prosperous day!

Lora Polowczuk
Chief Energy Officer
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