John said to Jill, head over there, then go around the bend, then up there on your left, you’ll find it. Find what? It is the only that came to her mind and not out of her mouth.

Jill attempted to keep a pleasant face that didn’t fully express her frustration. She said thank you with a quizzical smile. Her mind keeps repeating, WHAT?

What does that mean? Where am I suppose to go? What am I supposed to find? Why should I do this?

While living life is about embracing certainty, your day-to-day interactions are the opposite.

Jill, perplexed by the request, choose to ignore this and carry about with the rest of her day.

The next day John, with a goofy giddy child-like face, ran up to Jill. Did you find it?

Jill completely forgot and said, find what? John’s face drooped with sadness. He stated again, remember to go around the bend, and it’s on the left. Jill, oh yeah. No, I didn’t go. I had no clue what you were talking about. Johns asked, why didn’t you state that? I could have further explained. Jill said I didn’t even know what made this so special. John shrugged his shoulder; oh!

John was outraged, disappointed, and upset. Jill stood there wondering what happened.

John was attempting to surprise Jill with a new garden that he planted. He carefully chooses each plant to Jill’s taste.

John stated, let’s walk there together. Jill was already late for an appointment, said okay, but I only have 10 minutes before I’m late.

Upon seeing the garden, Jill’s eyes teared up with amazement at the beauty that was about to grow in the coming months. She saw that her favorite herbs and greens were planted and fall squash, too.

Lack of clarity in communications only leads to frustration and disappointment. Expectations are rarely stated, yet that’s the key item that usually lacks in conversation.

In your daily interactions:

• How clear are you in expectations of someone?
• How can you be more direct and open?

If you find yourself mad, upset, or disappointed in someone, check your expectations and how clear you state them. Save a few headaches and be more direct.

Clarity in communication is key!

Wishing you a joyful, loving, and prosperous day!

Lora Polowczuk
Chief Energy Officer

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