This season is more than being thankful. Its more than being grateful. When you say Happy Thanksgiving, do you really mean it?

Have you ever driven to work and don’t remember a single thing about your entire drive there? Your mind and body are on auto-pilot. The neural networks engrained in your brain are so used to the way you do something, that you have nothing new to experience. This occurs in many aspects of our lives.

I’ll never forget that one late afternoon, twenty years ago, that I ended a conversation with my then boyfriend by saying I love you. Typical, right? This was back in my cubicle workspace days. The lady on the other side of the cubicle said quietly, underneath her breadth, not expecting to be heard, “ Say it like you mean it.”

Suddenly, a dagger pierced through my heart. Oye! That hit my soul hard as if I burnt my hand on the stove. Yet, at the same time my work colleague picked up on the tone and energy of how it was said, not what was said. That was a reality check long before the personal development world ever came into my existence. Subsequently, the four plus year relationship ended in a couple months.

This holiday season, how can you turn thankfulness and gratefulness into something meaningful with energy that comes straight from the depth of your heart? Said with intentionality, heart, and purpose.

(Pause and really think about this for a minute.)

This season is about being compassionate – with yourself, others, and your community. Everyone has a story of what they’ve been through over the past year and not everyone wears that story as a badge of honor on their shirt. Pain and hurt can be underneath the surface and not seen outwardly. As Plato once said, “‘Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle.”

This holiday season, seek understanding instead of judgement. No matter what type of gathering you are at or even if you’re by yourself. Have compassion.

Too often we want to blame other people and circumstances when it’s really about taking ownership of our own choices and actions.

Will you bring joy into your next interaction? Or, will you have a sullen, sad attitude?

This is the perfect time of year to check in and see where your mental space and emotional space is.

This season bring compassion and joy into every interaction, with yourself and others.

May your blessings be rich with love, your interactions share the warmth of your heart, and let bountiful smiles and laughter light up a room.

Wishing you an abundant, joyful, and prosperous day!

Lora Polowczuk

Chief Energy Officer


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