Everything in nature contains scientific yet mystical patterns. These cycles bring ocean tides forth, build trees from seeds, and even bring occasional rain to desserts. These beautiful patterns bring the beauty of a colorful, bright orange flower to clear water filtered by oysters to play in, and majestic awe-inspiring mountains.

Nature’s 100% commitment to its cycles brings a consistency that too few humans understand and act upon.

Nature constantly renews itself. It’s the first step. Imagine if the sun never disappeared and your skin scorched in its presence and you never slept due to no nightfall.

As humans, we forget what renewal and recovery are. We tend to think the go, go mentality and immense productivity somehow make us happy. This is rarely the case. In turn, the constant on the go becomes a raging sunburn to the rest of your body. Ever been so sunburned that blisters and 3rd-degree burns occur? It’s not fun. It requires recovery and rest. Would you go back out in the sun after a 3rd degree burn? Probably not. Yet so many of you work constantly forgetting that rest, recovery, and renewal is part of the natural cycle.

Sometimes a cloudy day can feel spectacular then you’re ready to have the sun reappear.

The sun is your unconditional love for yourself. It never really disappears. Whether it’s disappeared behind earth for nighttime or above the clouds during a hurricane. The sun is always there. Its unwavering support is always there. Even if it’s bouncing off the moon during the night sky.

The only person that has the power to renew themselves is you. You control your destiny. Taking charge of yourself is personal leadership. It’s only from here that the rays reflected from you become ripple effects on others. Whatever you’re not taking care of is a reflection back to you by others in your life.
In what ways are you leading yourself?

What cycle is presenting to you right now?

What commitments have been buried deep underground yet forgot to be watered and nourished?

When we stay true to commitments for ourselves, we connect and reinforce our heart center and love for self. This builds trust in ourselves and leads ultimately to better, faster decision-making. Who doesn’t want more of that?

What is one commitment that you can consistently keep moving forward?

Wishing you an abundant, joyful, and prosperous day!

Lora Polowczuk
Chief Energy Officer

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