Have you ever seen those squash or pumpkins that grow ten times as big as normal? It’s weird, right? Then, how come as humans, we think it’s normal to keep growing and doing constantly all the time? Well, it’s simple. It’s not normal or sustainable.

No plant or tree blossoms all the time. Winter’s fast approach, makes the squirrels scurry and bury their nuts quickly, while bears find their way into a cave snuggling up for a long winter. As nature cycles into the next phase, it’s about recovery. It’s all about going within.

Yet, your overachieving mind says “more” now while your body desperately wants a break. The struggle is real. The mind chatter increases. You’ve all been there at least once if not multiple times, right? This one more thing…This battle is against you. And, you didn’t even know it!

Something different happens, when we slow down.

When we find the stillness within, a deep reflection emerges. Suddenly you realize how one bad weed weaved its way through strangling most of your prized garden. The reflection shows where the weed came from, what type of weed it was, and what can be done differently next time.

It’s truly a special time of reflection and recovery.

There’s a funny twist to all of this. The way a little kid can giggle for no reason yet to be silly and playful. The slowing down, the stillness, and the recovery contain our greatest growth. We heal. Our bodies relax. Our minds are open to what’s possible. The clarity comes with ease since we’re not in the business of it all. The essence of what we truly value emerges again. Our spirit becomes inspired by all of this forthcoming wisdom.

With this reflection, what you thought was important wasn’t. Or, what you thought made you happy, definitely didn’t.

This deep exploration brings expansive awareness that leads to big pivot points in life, career, and relationships. This little shift in awareness now gives way to ripple effects that impact your family, company, community, and around the world.

From here, confident choices are made with ease and grace.

Your garden with harvest removed, weeding completed, only raw dirt ready for your deepest dreams and desires and seeds to be planted again. This time, what will you choose differently?

Wishing you an abundant, joyful, and prosperous day!

Lora Polowczuk
Chief Energy Officer

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