Ever heard the saying, ride the wave? Here’s the next clue about it.

The sand etches deep between Jarod’s toes. He carries his surfboard across the beach for the umpteenth time. As the coarse, malleable sand meets the flattened hard sand, Jarod stops abruptly. He sets the board down and watches the waves come in and out for over five minutes. His mind and heart soften.

In a deep contemplative meditative state, Jarod notices how fast the waves are crashing, what direction the waves are heading, and how fast the tide is changing. His experience comes in waves from not paying attention and ending up in the hospital to gentle days of pure fun and enjoyment.

Jarod whispers in his head, What type of day do I want to have? With a deep breath, he states, “Fun with a few edgy waves to test his most recent technique improvements tools.” His thoughts were so loud, he quickly looked around to see if anyone heard him. Laughing, he realized the thought was in his head yet not verbally spoken out loud.

Jarod paddles out dipping under big waves and over the smaller ones. He softens his gaze, scanning the horizon for the wave to surf. The waves of possibility are endless as the oceans continue beyond the horizon.

With what he wanted to accomplish today, what did the ideal wave look like?

As Jarod, lies on the board waiting, the deep knot in his arm continues to throb. His last big attempt at something new left his body and psyche beaten up. His deep wound and knots in his muscles acknowledge their presence.

After six months of coming out and only catching smaller waves out of caution, Jarod screams out loud. You’re not holding me back any longer. I’m stronger now. I have a better attitude on what feels right when I’m standing on the board.

In seconds, the wave he wanted was coming his way. In a gentle place, he paddled to align the board. Then, he popped into a standing position. He screamed “YEAH, BABY! WOOHOOO”

His confidence strengthen the weaker muscles and he didn’t even feel the muscle knots. In complete flow, bliss rolled throughout his entire body moving the board with his body balance. With complete enjoyment and a giant grin, an epiphany came out of nowhere. “ I can direct this board any way I want.”

This conscious choice released all prior pain related to all of his failed attempts. Suddenly the pain was gone. Jaord, exalted, “I can ride the wave to the beach. I can continue down the inside core of the wave. I can jump off now and not have to paddle all the way back in.

I am fully in charge of the direction I’m going.”

What‘s tugging at your heart? Ride the wave of possibility.

The hidden secrets and unresolved emotions we keep hidden become the waves that knock us over unexpectedly when everything else appears to be working okay. Take responsibility to unearth what’s hidden. A simple choice in a new attitude, a new belief, or a positive thought, is a simple way to change our perspective. The choice to see something unresolved in a new manner releases this to the surface for transmutation and healing. This new choice becomes a shift in our perspective of what’s possible.

When we take a new and different direction our choice becomes clear. We can no longer keep moving the same way. This simple choice transmutes all the pain that existed.

What emotions, doubts, or resentments are coming to the surface for release? We cannot keep carrying this into each wave encountered. When you change the story and the behavior that developed, a dramatic and powerful release can occur. A new pathway is set into motion.

Ride the wave of possibility. Release control. Attune through the aspirations of your heart. Attune your aspirations to your heart’s desire. When your soul gets excited again, clarity washes over and points the way forward.

May 2023 be filled with joyful conversations, fun adventures, and soulful relationships.

Wishing you an abundant, joyful, and prosperous day!

Lora Polowczuk
Chief Energy Officer

© 2023. Lora Polowczuk. All Rights Reserved.