As the nights grow longer, this year’s harvest, the good, the bad, and the ugly percolate through our thoughts as the year comes to a close. Some things went really well while others never even came close and pulled at your heartstrings.

The dirt of our garden may seem dormant yet far below the surface, molecules and worms continue to exchange nutrients and water simply getting everything in place for the next bright sunny day.

Your garden may not have new seeds yet but it is quite active beyond the eye level and current perception. It’s what deep down inside that will continue to move about.

The dirt in its simplicity is your foundation. It’s all those little pieces of you that come together as one full being to express in your everyday. Yet, this core sometimes shakes which is why roots deep within the earth bring us stability.

When it’s dark and cool, evaluating our daily movements is key to seeing what roots are strong and growing versus what’s mangled with fungus and destruction. Awareness and our actions are two different sides of the same coin.

Awareness of the fungus underneath the surface is not the same as taking action and removing what’s causing the fungus to grow. While not seen, the fungus can cause havoc and destruction for the next wave of seeds that are planted in your garden.

In daily life, align your intentions with your actions. How good are you at keeping promises to yourself?

Intending to get healthy and eating chocolate chip cookies for breakfast are simply not in alignment. Be willing to call yourself out on your behavior.

This week, evaluate what’s out of sync and what actions you can take to be back in integrity with yourself.

For your garden to grow and flourish next season, get to the root cause and take a new action.

Integrity brings your intentions and actions together as one single movement allowing more energy to come forward for something amazing to happen.

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