Before you plant the garden.
Before you step into the next meeting.
Before you go out on that next adventure.
Before your next meal with friends or family.

It’s utterly crucial to do this.

Missing this one single step can be the difference between a divine spectacular moment that captures your breath away and missing the opportunity of a lifetime.

It’s really simple.

Yet, most forget this in almost everything they do.


How truly present are you at any given moment?

Do you think bees that pollinate complain about how windy it was the day before? Not at all. Bees are so focused and intentional in their role, they quickly adapt to the conditions.

Yet, we humans sometimes do things a bit backward. We bring our baggage from one moment into the next when it is no longer pertinent.

As you read this, what situation in your life can you come to complete utter acceptance about? Acceptance is not loving what is going on. It’s simply that someone was rude, a situation didn’t go as planned, or maybe the rain caused your feet to get wet en route to an appointment.

Simply being with whatever happened allows us to no longer let it affect or sway us anymore.

Instead of being present, we struggle with an internal fight that others do not see. This can be as simple as tight pants that make you self-conscious about losing weight or getting back to the gym, to speaking the right words at a highly impactful decision-making meeting.

How fast you reset your presence is the hallmark of any influential leader.

The more present we are in our day-to-day moments the more effective we are, the faster we make good decisions.

It’s the lack of presence that allows doubt, and fear to creep in.

In contrast, when the bee is fully focused and intentional on the pollination. The bee only concentrates on pollination. No worry about the rain, the wind, or other variables that may impact their coming and going.

When you tune in to your presence, you develop a keen awareness of the subtle energy aspects that surround you. The relationship with yourself and how you relate to your surroundings gives key information into the non-physical that impacts any decision at the moment.

As you transition from meeting to meeting, or office to home, rate yourself on a scale of 1-10, how present you are.

What are 2-3 ways to bring you into full presence?

When we recognize our internal battles, we realize what’s distracting us and who is missing out on our full presence. Who’s missing out when we are physically there yet not mentally? Our loved ones, our staff, our colleagues.

A true leader is fully present in all they do.

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