As winter fast approaches, an unusual phenomenon may occur. The nights get longer, and the sun fades. We rejoice with the few hours of sunlight that brighten our dark days.

Slowly, the colder temperatures give rise to dancing snowflakes floating in the air. The fresh crisp air tickles the inside of our noses while wrap ourselves in blankets for warmth. A cup of hot tea, coffee, or hot chocolate delights our faces with smiles.

Outside soon becomes blustery and cold with a storm fast approaching.

On the East Coast, snow tends to be very dense and heavy. While fabulous for making snow and snowballs, the heavy snow brings other unwanted effects.

When snow falls at a rapid rate, the snow accumulates fast on tree branches. Soon the weight of all the snow causes the tree branches to bend further and further. Simply put the weight of it all becomes too much, and the branches may eventually break.

Where in your life has something become too much? Become a burden that weighs you down? When these burdens aren’t removed they can literally break you.

This is why tree trimming is so important. Trim out what’s weak and not serving you.

While most may look at people or situations that are weighing you down, take a close look at how you treat yourself. Is there a negative way you think? e.g., everyone is out to hurt you versus everyone is here to support you. Do you have a quick, snarky reaction to certain words or even people?

What are the hidden aspects that weigh you down that you may not even realize?

As we approach the new year, it’s time to clear the clutter and anything that weighs you down and don’t want to carry into the next year. With this new space, refreshing air comes in that allows magic to fall into place.

Additionally, it’s time to trim the trees that are already weak and ready to break.

Release burdens, the weight, and anything that has become too much, then watch your strength and power emerge from within. From here, you’ll simply astound yourself with what’s possible.

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