Over time, water cuts deep ruts in rocks and dirt, creating deep canyons making travel across almost impossible. Imagine if your own decisions and boundaries were so clear-cut that nothing could penetrate your time and energy. How much happier would you be? How much more can you do? How less distracted and overwhelmed would you be?

Most of you want to get to your destination faster with the least amount of energy consumed, right?

This is how it plays out in your life. Water flows down the river with varying speed and intensity. This can be anything from a trickle to a flood and anything in-between. Your decisions and what’s important to you is how much water is flowing down the river. If you’re a business owner, a project manager, or anyone that manages and leads multiple people and projects, you have a lot of water coming down your river. It’s a lot to manage at any given moment.

Whether it’s rocks, steep dirt, or canyons, the banks of your river are directly proportional to how clear your boundaries in life, career, and relationships are. The more intentional you are about what you say yes to (what’s important) vs. no (what’s trivial) determines how steep your banks are.

Imagine its busy season in your business. Clients and projects are contacting you every hour on the hour. The flow of water coming down the river is equivalent to a massive thunderstorm rolling in. The flash flood warnings are up. You can get swept away quickly if you’re caught in the wrong spot.

Then, your sister calls. She’s a tremendous support in your life, but it’s her day off. She wants to chat about the kids and the upcoming family vacation. Instead of saying, now is not a good time to chat, you continue to let her talk. You miss a call from a vendor that you’ve been waiting a week to get. Your team is unsure how to deal with an emergency and can’t get a hold of you.

This is equivalent to a break in your levy. Suddenly the flow of your energy got breeched and is now spreading amongst the farm fields instead of down the river closer to your destination. You lost valuable time and energy. It has nothing to do about loving your sister or wanting to be there for her. You lost the boundaries of what was important at that moment.

Spending energy on the unimportant breaks down boundaries. This leaking energy causes exhaustion, fatigue, and overwhelm. Who wants that? No one.

If you want life to flow with more ease and grace, boundaries do exactly that.

How do you protect your most valuable commodity, your time and energy?

Where in your life can you create steeper canyons? It’s time to develop steep canyons

Explore setting clear intentions for your time, energy, and interactions.

Steep canyons of clear, intentional decision-making create an easier flow of life.

Wishing you a joyful, loving, and prosperous day!

Lora Polowczuk
Chief Energy Officer

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