Anabel’s eyes opened wide as she sat up tall on her grandfather’s lap. She listened with intrigue as her grandfather read an epic tale of bravery. The main character, Josephine, realized to get off the streets, where she’d been hustling for years, she had to make tough choices. While watching whimsical clouds in a bright blue sky, Josephine realized she could no longer be angry and blame others for her circumstances. At that very moment, when the clouds dissipated, she decided to leave the past in the past and charter new waters for her and her daughter’s life. She worked three jobs to make ends meet for her and her little girl. Josephine became deliberate on how she showed up everyday, thoughtful, caring, and determined.

Josephine protected her time and energy like a hawk. Nothing would distract her from her immediate focus to buy a home and raise her daughter. When she wasn’t working, all her attention was on her daughter which helped her flourish in school.

Josephine took control of her life, waking up early, eating healthy and avoiding any electronic distractions. Slowly, others started noticing Josephine’s resilience. Every time she got knocked down, she got back up again and stood even taller. Daily life wasn’t easy yet she had big dreams and took daily steps to get there.

She fought through loneliness and living on the streets as a hustler to reforming her own mind to figure out what she really wanted in life. She stepped into the best possible person she could become. Within five years, Josephine went from a street hustler to a homeowner with a thriving little girl. Most of all, Josephine wanted to teach her daughter how to stand tall and what type of person to be.

The grandfather moved Anabel so he could directly look into her eyes and stated, “This is the story of your great grandmother.”  

Whether you have kids or not, what legacy do you want to be leave behind? What impact do you want to make on the world, right now, today?  

Legacies are not created after you die. Legacies are created by who you are right now and what you are doing right now. This is what bold leaders are made out of.

What are you willing to do that most people will not do?

Wishing you an abundant, joyful and prosperous day!


Lora Polowczuk

Chief Energy Officer

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