As sun rays give you energy and warmth from those cold and dark winter days, you’ve been grinding hard to plant the seeds of your fall harvest. Are you getting exhausted from it all? Ready for a summer break?

Nature moves in cycles and rhythms, and so do you.

Let’s consider the Grand Canyon. It’s vast, 277 miles long and even 18 miles across in certain areas. Are your own dreams this vast, grandeur, and big?

The Colorado River slowly cuts through this bemouth area. Imagine you’re in a raft. You’ve put in, and you’re super excited for the journey to come over the next week. You’ll see and experience waterfalls, beautiful scenery as you paddle down the river. You’re told to expect hot sun, cold water, and various types of rapids; some can swallow you whole.

The anticipation combines with excitement yet also a curiosity of whether your body can handle paddling for days on end. 277 miles isn’t a day trip. It’s a week-long. Your dreams don’t get executed in a day either. It’s a journey to get there.

The first day begins with some gentle rapids while you and your team paddle through. Exhilaration runs through your body while the cold water splash up soothes your sun-baked skin. It’s only Day 1. The first through days are intense. Every night you set up camp to fall quickly asleep from the constant body movement—your beginning to wonder how you’ll make it until the end of the week.

Then what you needed most happens. You are informed the next day is a float day. No rapids. No paddling needed.

It’s in this break. This calm and peaceful place that your breath gets deeper. Your mind becomes clear. You start to notice parts of the canyon that flew by earlier while you concentrated on staying alive and in the boat.

This relaxation brings a renewed sense of relief to your body while it eases from being worked so hard. Suddenly, halfway through the day, you jump off the raft into the river. You’re floating. You’re inflow. This is your happy place.

Unexpectedly, flashes of your dream vividly come into life. You quickly see how you can piece together aspects that you previously thought were impossible to join. The puzzle of making your dream come together can indeed become reality. A huge smile exudes joy that fills the entire canyon with glee. Even your guide wondered what you were thinking about as he felt a huge rush of energy flow through him.
You recognize to get this breakthrough required rest and relaxation. That’s when moments of brilliance arrive easily and swiftly.

Where do you need a break? It’s time for rest and relaxation.

I call this proactive recovery. Think ahead where you need to getaway. Or, take a couple of days out in nature to refresh and renew yourself.

Do you build in days with no electronic time?

Do you build in days for a vacation after a huge work crunch?

Life is a big harmonic. There are days when you’re paddling hard in the rapids and others where it’s mellow and flowing with ease. Identify what cycle you’re in right now.

Going non-stop only leads to less productivity.

Wishing you an abundant, joyful, and prosperous day!

Lora Polowczuk
Chief Energy Officer

© 2021. Lora Polowczuk. All Rights Reserved.