The past few years and even months came through as a tornado lifting every little piece of dust and uncovering deep dark truths about yourself, others, and the world. Even though we thought we cleaned out, the residue and grime from all recent events keep showing up in weird odd unusual ways.

As a backpacker and mountaineer going days and even a week without a real shower is common. There’s a golden rule that no one showers or cleans up if we don’t all do it. That way the stench of each other is roughly the same so we don’t truly notice the horrific smell of each other. If one person jumps in a river to wash off, this throws the entire group off. Suddenly, one is semi-smell worthy while the others are a bit yucky to be around.

The same holds for those that deal with our issues and others that do not.

If you have ever been in this situation or talked with someone who has, the first hot shower after a long outdoors is so refreshing and enjoyable that you delight in the warmth on your skin. Washing off the grime, sweat, and even dirt that is stuck on your ankles between the sock and your skin. All of a sudden, this renewal lightens our mood and attitude, ready for another adventure.

Yet, you always feel that a spot on your body requires a bit more scrubbing. Something hasn’t fully left the surface. You think to yourself, another good wash will do. It’s deeper than you realize. It may be difficult to access. Almost as if a tick burrowed itself in your skin and the scrub went right over it staying for days.

With every adventure and life endeavor, there’s a review of where you were fully challenged. What beliefs about yourself did you encounter? What new boundaries showed up that can no longer be crossed again?

The adventure rarely has anything to do with getting dirty. It’s where the deeper aspects of you came to light. It’s where you suddenly yelled out at a fellow hiker because you didn’t take the time to nourish and feed yourself appropriately along the way. It’s rarely the other person. Two people contribute to the flaring of energies that result in anger or resentment. What part of you may have contributed to that which requires reconciling?

As we wash off the grime of recent months, how can you honor your feelings and emotions that arose? When we truly let them bubble to the surface the way bubbles form in water, we allow the emotions to flow through us. Stifling feelings and emotions and keeping them buried within without expression, can lead to a geyser effect. This holding pattern and waiting serve no one including you. This is when one small little irritant, the pebble in the shoe in a long journey annoys you beyond anything.

As you begin to play a bigger game in this world, clean off the grime. Remove the pebble. Allow yourself to feel the bubbles of feelings and emotions so that your relationships aren’t hit with a full-on geyser of energy directed at them.

This week. Wash away what makes you dirty. Acknowledge the bubbles of feelings that arise. Allow the water to keep washing away the deeper dirt and karma that no longer serve you.

Wishing you an abundant, joyful, and prosperous day!

Lora Polowczuk
Chief Energy Officer

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