Ever get super excited about something you’ve wanted to do for a long time? Melanie craved going rock climbing, not for the adrenaline rush yet for the gentle moving meditation in nature. She no longer lived near the mountains or any rock climbing area. However, she knew a very long drive would be worth it if she found a climbing partner. Melanie kept asking everyone she met if they ever traveled six hours north. Locals looked at her complex as if she were an alien wondering why anyone would make the drive.

As Melanie prepared for weekend activities, she had a business meal that kept getting moved around due to unforeseen circumstances. Friday dinner then Saturday breakfast then Friday dinner again. The meeting was extremely important to her, thus Melanie was willing to go with the flow when it occurred. As Friday approached, she found out an old climbing friend was traveling to the special area she yearned to go to. She learned it was this weekend.

Now torn between a business dinner and a fun adventure with old and new friends, Melanie intently breathed in and out and cleared her mind. Poof! With exhilaration running through her blood, how to make this an “and” opportunity and do both instead of an either-or scenario? Anything is possible, right?

Melanie reached out to her business colleague to see if an early dinner was feasible. With excitement, her colleague said yes. This allowed Melanie not to have a rushed dinner and make part of the drive that night.

Friday night arrived. With deep enthusiasm, a packed car, and gear, Melanie dressed up and got in her vehicle to head to the early dinner. Before pulling out of the driveway, she checked her phone for any messages. Her business colleague messaged her that her meeting would not wrap up until at least 8 pm and asked if she’d rather reschedule.
Without thinking, Melanie replied. “Happy to reschedule.” Her enthusiasm was so strong for the fun adventure, she knew she left in good standing with her colleague.

The long drive became simple and easy. Delighted with glee to see her old friend and meet new friends under the bright stars of a backcountry cabin.

With joy in Melanie’s heart, she walked down the two-mile trail to the rock cliffs. Coupled with a gently flowing creek after fresh rains two nights before, the water soothed her strenuous body. Her soul melted into chirping birds, the sounds of water, and fresh crisp air.

As Melanie ventured up her first rock climb in over a year, her muscles remembered the technique from decades ago. Yet, her strength in using the tips of her fingers desired more practice. Usually, after time away from climbing, her fear of heights crept in and sudden falls became harder. Not this time. She trusted everything. She breathed in deeply, canvassed the rock, and gently connected moves until she found a rest spot. With gentle ease and a strong belayer, Melanie slowly made her way to the top of the climb.
All Melanie thought was that she was in her flow, focusing only on what mattered most at that moment.

Melanie’s friend, Harriet stated that vultures were flying over and one even came very close to her as it flew away. With silliness, Melanie, said really? Harriet smiled, I don’t make it up. Melanie, perplexed yet all of a sudden going deeply inward realized a large bird was flying around earlier. At the time she couldn’t figure out the type of bird.

Upon deep reflection, Melanie realized the vulture saw something within her. Its presence was made known. The vultures made sure at some point, the visibility was known. As a messenger, the vulture saw the internal strength and grit, yet also saw the gentle composure when the strength gave out and she fell with the rope catching her. The vulture saw how exposed she was on the rock, a sheer vertical rock with few places to take a rest without falling. Melanie was at peace within her. Never yelling internally at herself, yet a humble more practice may help here.

Harmony exuded all around Melanie. Even when her fingertips were raw from the rock, she enjoyed the waterfalls lurking in the background. Watched how others gracefully moved up steep overhangs. Melanie basked in the sunrays enjoying all the trees around her. The peace within her body, even when sore from the climbs made the drive all worth the while.

When not attempting to control the outcome, everything happened with ease for Melanie. Even the vultures brought a simple reminder that wherever you are, you’re visibility is seen. You may think you’re hiding far away from others even when hanging on a rope high off the ground. Yet your energy always makes itself present, whether gentle or strong.

Allow surprise spontaneity to bring synchronistic events your way. Allow yourself to be seen in new ways from a higher perspective.

Where this week can you claim harmony back into your life? Voice your desires and let them be visible to the world. May the universe surprise you with how they show up.

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