The gentle sun rays shining light on the darkness are slowly becoming scorching laser heat destroying all in its path. As what you focus on grows, is this searing laser sun cutting the best path for you?  

What tools are you using to guide this swift execution of next steps?  

Too often, the latest societal uproar or news event gathers up your precious energy into unnecessary conversations or worry. This valuable energy gets lost in a sea of lost ships. This is an important reflection time. From knowing what’s possible in any area of your life to guiding the next moment.  

Where are you playing small? When indeed the role you play on this place called Earth is vast and expansive. It’s time for you to think, be and do bigger. You’re on this planet to touch more than one soul. You’re here to touch many.  

Yet, even ships utilize specific markers to see if they are off course. How do you navigate these treacherous waters we call life?  

When distinct temperatures, length of day and resources blend together, birds naturally move in a different direction to breed, eat, grow, and feed their young. This gentle invitation summons the seasonal bird migration across large lands and oceans without thinking. Birds naturally sense what to do next and where to go.  

What in your life feels natural versus forced?  

Everything in your environment gives you clues to the next step. What are you noticing in each moment?  

What areas in your life feel constricted? What feels expansive?  

As the sunny days get longer, the gentle rays continue to shine light on the darkest areas. What new information was brought to light to gain valuable and insightful clues to the next step?  

Take time and notice the subtle clues all around you. The birds sing a beautiful melody and bring forth a quiet harmonic. Birds serve as gentle messengers. Allow your inner guidance to hear and sense these messages.  

The space between your heart pulse and next breath gives rise to infinite possibilities. In this space are specific clues.  

Be aware.  

Take notice.  

Sense the insight.  

Take a bold step forward.  

This is how you navigate through the choppy waters and create a laser path into unforeseen territories. Your life will unfold in miraculous and magical ways. 

What’s ready to come forth in your life’s adventure?  

Wishing you an abundant, joyful, and prosperous day! 


Lora Polowczuk 

Chief Energy Officer 


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