With a soft whisper and gentle wiggle, winds whistle between the leaves. With a slight pause, a sharp crackling sound jarred your bones alive. The fast high pitched noise rattled your eyes wide open and startled your body causing an unexpected jolt propelling you to leap off the ground. The lightning strike hit the neighbor’s yard. A gentle panic set in, that was a close call.

You run inside the house to take shelter before the storm brings further havoc. As the clouds swirl in unusual formations, you feel safe inside and relax on the couch waiting for the storm to pass.

Turning on your favorite movie to pass the time, the rain beats on the windows as if someone was knocking on the door. Click!

Electricity goes out.

In a weird curiosity, you open the front door. Trash cans are flying upwards and down the street. Instantly the wind pushes you flat on the floor. Rapidly, you get up and run into the closet seeking shelter in the core of the house.
The wood starts cracking. Windows shatter. You wonder if you’re going to make it out alive. Time slowed. Thirty seconds turned into hours.

The tornado breaks your house into pieces while your heart does the same. In an instant, it’s all over. As you open the closet door, your house is barely there. Spread out in every direction you see the pieces of your heart scattered wondering what to even do.

A deep sigh set in. Clouds race by. You look up as the full moon glistens upon the scattered debris. The moon seems to take life and winks at you.

In a sudden confusion, you wonder if you’re hallucinating or actually seeing something. The moon winks again. “It’s time.”

With a small chuckle, turning into laughter. This certainly is the easiest way to begin again. Looking up at the full moon shining light so bright no flashlights were required.

Immediate ease set in. Breathe returned. Life will continue.

Now is the time for our heart’s desires to be fulfilled in exactly how we want them to unfold.

When life doesn’t go our way, it’s easy to get upset, scared, and doubtful. Yet, each time something doesn’t go our way, this creates space for something even better to come in and unfold for you. Let tragedy and failures turn into a beautiful canvas to paint a new path forward.

Simple fun, play, and creativity paint pain into all the colors of a rainbow.