Ever go from flying high to wondering what happened?

Flying high, I was in phenomenal health and endurance after climbing a huge mountain peak in South America. Career on fire after coordinating an epic, high-dollar, highly influential meeting. And, a family member lived through a severe health challenge.

You would think I’d still be flying high on cloud 9.

Six months post the most intense month of my life. Reality hit like a baseball swing that lands a homer.

My normal dress pants were getting too tight to sit in. A far cry from the pants almost falling off six months prior. The intensity of work days left me confused on weekends wondering what meeting I missed when I slept in. Fun, playful activities evaporated like water in the desert.

What happened? What happened to the fun, loving person who organized get-togethers and weekend adventures that  disappeared too.

Accepting what I became sucked! Yet, this harsh realization opened my eyes to the way a lion pounces on its prey. Something has to change. I let go of the meaningful aspects I loved. An adult time-out was in order. A time for pause and reflection. Evaluate It was time to re-evaluate what is valuable to spend time and energy on.

I valued kinship and fun activities. I valued a healthy, energetic body that felt good in my clothes. I valued time in nature.

The current trajectory had to change. Burnout, my long-time foe, reached out again.

This had to stop. Taking true ownership of my behavior felt as if I swallowed a pill too big for my throat. There was no blaming bosses. The behavior was truly mine in the making.

Only through a different perspective lens, can circumstances change, and a new possibility opens up. Moving was only a glimpse before. Yet, now was different. A new rejuvenation made this shining star a real possibility.

I started plotting my way out. How to offload projects? Decrease my workload. I wanted to gain back me.

This time, I was pointing in a whole new direction. Not simply a new job where I take the old core problems with me, but a new way of living.

On a new moon, I set my intentions to find a way to move to Colorado easily. Let my outdoor playground be my backyard. Let endless days of sunshine tickle my skin with delight. Let fresh mountain air replace the smog of the city.

Exactly two weeks later on the full moon, my job ceased. Within 24 hours, I already had a place to live in Colorado.

One simple decision changed everything. I trusted what was right for me. The universe conspired to bring resources forward to allow it to happen.

Acceptance of what is gives clues to what’s possible beyond your wildest dreams.

Your life is on a new trajectory. What subtle hints and clues are you noticing? Where are you being guided to be and go next?

© 2023. Lora Polowczuk. All Rights Reserved.