Imagine the Earth says to the Sun, “You’re not doing enough for me.” The Earth feels betrayed, disappointed, frustrated, and overall quite pissed off. The Earth exclaims louder, “You’re making the desserts hotter. You’re drying up all the water.” The Sun keeping its cool with all its mighty glory refrains from spitting out another coronal mass ejection causing another solar flare upon Earth’s crust. 

The Sun continues its daily dependability. Sunrise and sunset every day. Whether you can visually see the sun or not, it shines its light upon Earth every single day. Even when Antarctica is cold and dreary, the Sun continues sending its rays to the Arctic Ocean. 

The Sun’s unwavering love for Earth never stops. The Sun’s sincere expression daily keeps Earth running full throttle. 

The unique radiating light from your honest heart shines daily. Yet somewhere in your life, you felt betrayed and abandoned by your own self-love. Too often, we think that situations, a bad relationship, or a different outcome broke us. That’s simply not true! You are whole. You are not broken nor need to be fixed or even rescued. Something else does not complete you nor make you whole. This toxic thinking gets you nowhere fast. 

This caused you to mistrust the inner power and radiance from deep within you. No man, woman, amazing career, a new car, or even a delicious donut will fill that role. You are already whole. It’s time for you to believe that. 

In reality, that inner spark and excitement are still there, asking to come out and play and have fun again. 

It’s time to reconnect with yourself. It’s time to recognize how amazing you really are. It’s time to honor your dreams and goals, not just everyone else’s.

With a hand on your heart, what is your heart telling you right now? 

As a cycle comes to completion, step into confidence with your strengths radiating from within. The last move to completion is sometimes the hardest yet honoring yourself, your passions light up your soul. It’s time to trust yourself again. The sun is always shining with unwavering unconditional love for Earth. Express for yourself.

A new portal of opportunity is opening. What passions are ready to be experienced for the first time or invigorated? Allow those dreams to come forth with enthusiasm and joy.  

Wishing you an abundant, joyful, and prosperous day!

Lora Polowczuk 

Chief Energy Officer 


© 2022. Lora Polowczuk. All Rights Reserved.