Fresh. Renewed. Excited for a new season.

If you’ve ever left your house to go anywhere, there’s something crucial that happens. This doesn’t matter if you’re headed to work, out for a day of hiking, off to the beach, or simply a fun vacation.

The simple question asks – What do you need to take with you?

Then the inevitable happens. The clothes and gear explosion. What to wear? Will it be cold or hot?

Have you ever seen a woman (yes, I’m calling you out) who brings a 50-pound suitcase to the airport for a 4-day trip?

Mountaineers know this far too well, too. The backpack only fits so much gear, clothing, food, and cooking accessories. The gear is carefully laid out on the floor.

Excited with knowing exactly what they want to bring, they slowly put everything into the pack. But, not everything fits.

A few items come out of the bag.

Then, they put the backpack on their back and almost fall over due to the sheer amount of weight. While completely laughing at themselves, with a slightly embarrassed look even when no one is around, they hop on the scale and realize the pack weighs almost 60 pounds. What? OMG!

Knowing full well, they can’t carry that much weight, more options come into consideration. That much weight truly will crush their spine. It’s the same feeling when you attempt to do everything in life. Your shoulders are simply crushed by the burden of weight you carry.

As the season changes, it’s time for a fresh start. A new direction in your life. What if you only choose to move forward with what brings you happiness, fulfillment, and fun?

What’s the deep yearning that you long for?

What fulfills the aspirations of your soul?

What’s pulling you too far in one direction causing you to fall over?

Only when we release the weight of prior burdens do we create the space and allow new inspirations and ideas to arise easily.

Look into your backpack of life and see what truly matters. Resolve everything in the way and lighten your load moving forward.

Bring your life into harmony and fulfill your soul aspirations.

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