Have you ever wondered how good it can really get? Curious about what it looks and feels like to have what’s currently limited. We naturally yearn and long for something different.

For years, California tackled water shortages in multiple ways. Quick showers, rock lawns, and even collecting rainwater in buckets. They simply adapted. Californians craved for the water to return.

Wherever your life is? There’s something more that you desire.

More love.
More money
More freedom.
More fun.
More connections.
More vacation time.

Yet, something odd happens. Everything occurs when you least expect it.

Nature came in with a vengeance dumping feet upon feet of snow, even causing valley flooding. More precipitation and water than they could ever anticipate. We yearn for more yet too much becomes unmanageable so we go back to wanting less again. See how this cycle perpetuates itself?

Where in your life is overindulgence, simply an addiction to feeling pleasure and avoiding pain? Sigmund Freud called this the Pleasure Principle. Engage in quick gratifying pleasure and avoid the pain. Yet, few realize the consequences of this. This eventually becomes overwhelming without dealing with what’s going on underneath the surface.

Most people prepare for disasters. Yet, few prepare for success. The latter requires inner work. Identifying the reasons why you’re avoiding something and lovingly facing it head-on.

Those who’ve ever seen an abundance of snow know this. Shoveling the doorway so it can open is consistent work. Knocking the snow off the roof is also consistent work so the roof doesn’t cave in if the snow gets too heavy.

This week, what consistent practices can you put in place to allow abundance to come in? This simple preparation will allow more to arrive with ease and grace.

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