John told Gretchen, “You look beautiful tonight.” Gretchen replied with, “Well, my hair doesn’t look right. I look fat in this dress.” John with a gentle grip on Gretchen’s hands and looking directly into her eyes, said, “You look beautiful tonight.” Gretchen rolled her eyes.

How often do you not receive a compliment? Instead you find something wrong about yourself?

Or at work:

George, an eager Project Assistant, walked over to Bill’s office, “Hey Bill, I see you are working some late hours. My project completed last week, I’ve recuperated and I’d love to give you a hand. The company is at least two weeks out from signing the dotted line on this new project so I’m available.” Bill thought, that would be great, but it’d take me more time to make this happen. Bill stated, “Thanks for the offer but I got it.” Bill drives home at 10pm through torrential thunderstorms, plops on the couch as says “I can’t keep doing this. Things have to change.”

Where do you want to be in control and refuse help?

The art of receiving is just that, an art. It’s a practice we must all learn. Whether it’s receiving a compliment or an offer for assistance. The longing we crave for is right under our noses yet our blinders keep us from noticing when help is right in front of us. When we block receiving kind gestures from others, we block our prosperity for the future.

It is time to open up your heart and receive the love and assistance to move your life, career, and relationships forward.

Wishing you an abundant, joyful and prosperous day!

Lora Polowczuk

Chief Energy Officer

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