Ever feel you are overexpressing or under expressing your true nature? No matter what your gender is, you are comprised of both masculine and feminine energy. A man with no compassion is a tyrant. A woman who nurtures everyone else becomes exhausted and depleted. Then neither are coming from a harmonic center. It’s too much or too little.   

Or, just the opposite, a woman that only takes action is considered ruthless or a man that gives away his power is seen as weak. Still neither are operating from their core center.  

In your soul journey, it is about finding the harmony between your feminine and masculine energy.  

When we look to nature, even plants depict this same aspect. Some trees contain both feminine and masculine aspects and naturally mature equally. Yet, if you’ve ever grown squash in a garden, you quickly learn the natural balance between male plants and female plants. This determines how much produce you receive. Too many female plants, and the blossoms shrivel up. Too many male plants, give rise to little produce as well. Of course, the bees play a role in pollination as well.   

Let’s take a closer look at your life. Evaluate what aspect of the following are:   

Your feminine energy – a river of flowing energy bursting with unconditional love enchanted with beauty in all directions. This sacred energy connects to our inner deepest dreams and desires to fuel on creative efforts.  A belief that anything is possible.   

Your masculine energy – Speak your truth gives rise to stability and security. With this process, organization, action, inner confidence and strength exude allowing you to overcome any obstacle in your path. Imagine a beaver that knows exactly how to build a dam in a creek with whatever sticks or broken branches are nearby.  

When combined, this energy goes beyond gender and lives within us. This ying-yang attitude beautifully expresses itself naturally with ease and grace.  

Too many people, think creative sparks come from the right side of the brain. Rather, creativity comes from contrast difference between logic and abstract, feminine and masculine. A painter must first think what color to use and where to place the first stroke before the abstract morphs into a brilliant flowing design.  

When masculine and feminine weave together, a beautiful design unfolds with each stroke of the brush.  

The same way sand paper and wood create a smooth aspect, the contrast between each energy brings forward where the under or over expression exists within you.   

The woven harmonics of masculine and feminine energy allow your life to unfold in miraculous and surprising ways.  

Wishing you an abundant, joyful, and prosperous day! 

Lora Polowczuk 

Chief Energy Officer 


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