What’s fighting for your attention?

One day, a child went roaming in the woods to play and create fun new games. Delighted with glee, and joyfulness the child got a little bit lost and wasn’t sure what way to get out of the forest.

The sun’s rays were quickly fading and darkness and the night sky would appear. With temperatures dropping too, the young child took a deep breath and scanned the landscape to get his bearings.

In the speck of a second, two wolves darted out of nowhere almost crisscrossing paths.

Then again, the wolves circled back around. The child kept moving from calm to scared, calm to scared.

Now a third time the wolves came even closer to the child. Quite alert, the child noticed the wolves were very different.

The first wolf dark gray resembled a rabid animal with fear baked into its soul, ferocious, scary, and mean.

The second wolf appeared focused, calm, and at peace with beautiful white fluffy fur.

The stark difference startled the young child to take notice. With a keen sense of awareness, what are these wolves trying to tell me?

So present in the moment, staring at these two wolves, the child almost forgot that he was attempting to get back home.

The dark wolf howled, slowly approaching the child with saliva dripping out of its mouth.

The white wolf nodded to the child to follow him. The child with a slow, methodical pace walked behind the white wolf, found the exit of the first, and made it back home safely.

Every day, many things fight for our attention, the news, social media, and notifications on our phones. It’s up to us whether we choose for this to be a distraction or utilize this for our greater good.

Every day, we have the opportunity to feed the white wolf or the dark wolf within us.

Do you choose to feed the white wolf joy, peace, calm, love, and empathy?


Do you feed the dark wolf of self-pity, self-loathing, guilt, procrastination, and comparison?

Every day you get to choose your destiny. The wolf you feed the most wins.

This week, what will you stop engaging in that brings you down? How will you replace that behavior with what makes you a better person? Bring strength and fortitude to the positive behavior and watch yourself soar to new heights.