Do you feel that everyday feels like a mini earthquake? You are in a constant state of asking, what will knock you off kilter today? You wonder whether or not you will land upright. In today’s world, you may feel that you wobble around a lot. The wobble effect will knock you over only if you let it.  

Alan invited his friend Carolyn to go snowboarding with his buddy over the weekend. Carolyn working 50 plus hour week and studying for her masters did not have much free time. However, she allotted  herself one full day a month to go do whatever was calling her. Carolyn was delighted in glee to get away from the computer for an entire day.  

While beaming from ear to ear with enthusiasm, Carolyn was a bit nervous to try snowboarding. She learned to ski as a kid even though she only went once a year. Carolyn over zealous, thought deeply to herself, I can do this. I’m short with low gravitational pull thus my center of balance should keep me low to the ground making this process easier.    

Carolyn hopped in Alan’s SUV and headed to the tiny ski hill. They giggled and laughed in the hour drive. Thoroughly excited to be with people not books or a computer again, Carolyn exuded a huge smile and happiness. 

She rented her gear and eagerly took the lift up to the beginner hill. Alan joined along. She fell getting off the lift. Alan knew the face plant of this will be a long day. He did his best to give her tips and tricks. Carolyn slowly got the hang of it yet she fell every couple of feet. And it was several hundred feet to the bottom.  

She fell forward and almost broke her wrist.  Carolyn fell backwards a lot, too. Unlike skis, you stay completely attached when you fall.  Alan exclaimed, yeah I should have told you to bring a pack of Charmin toilet paper to protect your rear end. Carolyn kept taking deep breaths and centering herself. She wondered why she wasn’t doing something she truly enjoyed. Alan laughed along the way.   

Beaten, battered, and bruised, the first snowboarding effort for Carolyn took almost 3 hours to get down the beginner’s hill. Perhaps a lesson would have been good. Everything in hindsight, right?   

She thought to herself, this is my only day to have fun and I’m no longer having fun. She walked to the gear rental shop and asked if she could trade her snowboard in for skis.  

The rest of the day she skied down hills with joy in her heart.  

As the world looks gloomy, rise above the clouds and disorder and bring your own aliveness back.  

What would happen if you ignited your inner fire again? Maybe it’s something you used to do but don’t the past few years? Maybe its exploring somewhere new or even eating at a new restaurant.  

What makes you come alive from the inside out? Its time to spark your spirit. Utilize the quiet space, peacefulness of the dark winter, and rekindle the fire within. What makes your heart sing?  

This is a special time to reach past worldly disappointments and into the depths of your heart. What will make you come alive again?  

Wishing you an abundant, joyful, and prosperous day!  

Lora Polowczuk 

Chief Energy Officer 


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