Doing anything new brings a sense of apprehension, a little anxiety, and a tad of perfection to get it done right. Yet, we stumble over ourselves and trip on our own feet the first time through.

Our group arrived for the first of a four-day backpacking adventure through the lesser-known yet beautiful Nelson Lakes region of New Zealand. While I’d been hiking for a few years in the greater Washington, DC area, the first ever backpacking was overseas!

We each set out our gear to make sure we had the 10 essentials for survival. Then, we divided up food and even cooking essentials among us. Suddenly, the pack seemed a bit heavier yet our excitement overruled.

In an almost school-like fashion, we began hiking down the dirt trail knowing we had eight miles on our first day. The trail winded up and down through beautiful vistas. Over the course of the day, the trail became quite muddy. We each kept hopping from one side to the other to not immerse our boots in the mud. This became a game of hopping from one side to the other.

Arriving at sunset, we were all thrilled to reach our first hut, relax eat a giant dinner, and replenish our calories.

That evening our guides debriefed our day. We arrived two hours later arriving. Heather, the lead guide said, we noticed that many of you were afraid to walk straight on the trail. There are rocks or big tree limbs in the mud so you don’t fall in.

With a huge gasp, we were surprised and curious. Oh, really?!?!?

The next day, we each gently stepped in the mud and realized we didn’t sink in. There was always a rock to step on and rarely did we ever move so far to the side of the trail to avoid anything. Our group found a beautiful rhythm that kept a reasonable hiking pace throughout the day.

Where in your life are you simply avoiding something?

Where can you find a beautiful rhythm that moves naturally and brings a sense of harmony to your life?

Our lives become easier when we stop fighting what we don’t want and begin allowing what we do want to come forward.

Stop avoiding the mud, find your own footing, take the leap of faith, and find the sturdy rock that propels you forward with ease and grace. This unseen path evolves your way forward. Life begins to flow, and move faster yet in a gentler manner.

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