Throughout personal development, most people are taught to go after their wants, their deepest desires.

 Personal development teaches people to go after their wants and desires. Even the famous Napoleon Hill, gives the 6 Steps to Turn Desire into Reality. Yet, here’s how this differs.

 Jill’s biggest want was to get her health back. She’d spent over a year slowly restoring her body. In recent weeks, she felt fabulous, re-energized and ready to take on the world. Jill started testing her capabilities in the mountains were she felt serenity yet challenged herself in new ways. But, soon, Jill overdid it. Her neck and shoulder pain became unbearable giving rise to debilitating headaches. In turn, this kept her from focusing on intently on work tasks, missing commitment, and leaving her home a complete wreck, with dirty dishes and clothes everywhere. Jill took a few days off of physical activity with the hope to hike again the following weekend.

 As the weekend approached, Jill wanted to go hiking, even if it was a short distance. Yet, her body needed rest. Jill slept ten hours Friday night, giving her body the rest it truly craved. Gripping with disappointment, she accepted the reality that a walk along the creek would work for physical movement. Jill delighted in seeing the bright pink milk thistle bloom, listening to the creek flowing with power from recent snow melt, and moving at a gentle welcoming pace to allow circulation throughout her body. This was exactly what she needed.

 In the end, Jill accepted the reality that her body required rest and not over exertion. In turn, this allowed her to identify that her needs were met over her want to do more in the mountains.

 Accepting reality dictates whether you follow your needs versus your wants. 

Wishing you an abundant, joyful and prosperous day!

Lora Polowczuk

Chief Energy Officer

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