What comes to mind about sharing your deepest darkest secrets? Those intricate vulnerabilities that are double-stitched with silk threads hoping one day to be revealed in divine timing. Few people will ever know about those dark spots with the shiny exterior. This is your inner sanctuary.

A place so beautiful because you erected a shrine of beautiful gems for every obstacle, failed relationship, and crazy situation that you overcame. The shrine captures every experience with delights and despair.

Yet, who gets to share this space with you?

Whether you’re catching up with an old friend or colleague or meeting someone for the first time, how do you know what aspects to share?

Do you show off your 10 carat diamond in the first two minutes of a conversation? Probably not.

Imagine your inner sanctuary is a large dam. All your experiences are captured in the lake above the dam. Every emotion. Every thought. Every excitement and disappointment are stored in this lake. Your emotional body is the water.

Each interaction you have with another person is how the water trickles through the dam and interacts with the surrounding land. If you let too much out at one time, you flood and overwhelm the land (or the person you’re interacting with.) If little water travels through, the land and plants seize up and seeks water elsewhere.

Striking the harmony between too much and too little water is based on your presence with the other person. This presence lets you know what to protect and what to share. This harmony gives a sense of peace in your heart.

Can you be selective in who sees your vulnerable side? How can you build comradery if you never share a personal, delicate story? Are you seeking attention by sharing too much?

As gatherings commence, how can you be present, keep peace in your heart, and engage in fruitful conversations that builds prosperous connection?

Wishing you an abundant, joyful, and prosperous day!

Lora Polowczuk

Chief Energy Officer


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