The many ways to get up a mountain.

As life’s journey takes us through an incredible amount of twists and turns, sometimes it’s difficult to get our bearings and know which way to go next. There are an infinite amount of options and possibilities available to us. Yet, this also overwhelms and paralyzes us from over-analysis.

While on my first ever solo trip abroad, I was on day three of a month long trip to Australia and New Zealand. I took a train to small town in the Katoomba mountains about 2-3 hours west of Sydney. The goal for the day was to hike to Three Sisters peak, a famously photographed area in Australia.

With a map of the area, everything looked straight forward. There was a single loop trail that took you right past Three Sisters. With a hearty breakfast, water, and snacks, I set out to begin my hiking journey.

In the little small town, I followed a street that was supposed to take me to the trailhead. Yet, it wasn’t there. Then, I attempted going another way to access the trail. That didn’t work either. Somehow I ended up back in the small town where I started.

Great that I wasn’t lost yet definitely not anywhere close to my destination. Everyone came to this town to hike this trail, all I could think was that isn’t this obvious where to go? I started to beat myself up and tears dripped down my face.

I’m suppose to be having fun and I’m soooooo not having fun. This was day 3 of an epic adventure and I’m miserable. How will the next month go?!?!?!

I back tracked and made it back to town.

I stopped a few strangers on the street yet they were tourists and didn’t know the way either. Really? Why is this so hard, I kept asking myself?

I kept walking around town, paused briefly to catch my breathe. Okay, there must be a better way! After asking about 10 more people, I found a local who walked me about 5 blocks to an obscure area. He exclaimed. That’s the start of the trail.

Alleluia! I’m on the right path.

I hiked by myself for the first hour enjoying the views and new scenery from a country I only started exploring. Nature in itself was simply refreshing. Then, I met a Frenchman and an Irishman who invited me to join them for the duration of the hike.

From there on we laughed, giggled and talked about our destinations we planned to explore after the hike. We smiled big while our legs were sore. We came to the Three Sisters viewpoint. We accessed a rare view that was way closer than the normal tourist area. We were the lucky few who dared to hike to a closer area.

We celebrated that evening feasting on kangaroo. Another new exploration in culinary cuisine.

Anytime we embark on something new, we first explore the area to gain our bearings. We continue to expand in each direction until an obvious path becomes clear. The exploration continues in a single path until we emerge into a whole new area that delights our senses and fills our hearts and soul.

As you explore new terrain in life, career, and relationships, expand until a clear navigation path presents itself. Here you’re ready to emerge into something new and beautiful.

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