Most people today run from one thing to the next without thinking. It could from meeting to meeting. From home to a sporting event.

Few people stop and think about if what they are doing truly serves them, their loved ones, or their life’s mission.

The same holds true in our relationships. We think that if someone has been around for 10+ years, they’ll be around forever.

The problem is that people eventually get bored. Whether its at work, in a relationship, or how they go about life. They seek something different, something new.

People get complacent. This is a scary word. This is a bad habit that can take a once awesome part of your life and flush it straight down the drain. This can be one of the single biggest things that ends 10, 20 year marriages.

When we stop giving something the love and attention it deserves, we start taking it for granted.

The opposite of complacency is novelty.

What can you do to bring more playful fun into your world?

How can you bring a little extra spark to your relationship?

Can you learn a new skill at work?

How can you challenge yourself with a new hobby?

Where can you add more novelty into your life?

Novelty stretches you and expands you past your current limitations. These sparks will add more fun back into you life, career, and relationships.

Wishing you an abundant, joyful and prosperous day!

Lora Polowczuk

Chief Energy Officer

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