Ever wonder what really makes people thrive? Nature guides us in every direction.

While humans love to bring complexity to everything, nature is designed on the simplicity and interconnectedness of everything. The latter makes life much easier to flow within.

Imagine a summer garden.

What are the basics to start with? Adequate soil, water supply, and sunlight. It’s the foundation for any seeds to grow. This simple stability serves as the starting ground for anything you want. After the past few years shook us all up like an enduring thundering storm, figuring out what makes us stable and secure again has been vital.

The next basic is, what plants do you want to grow? What is it that you really want to flourish in the months to come? Tomatoes? Squash? Cucumbers? Basil?

The funny thing is, we think our garden may be huge yet we often fail to realize that even a tiny seed the size of your fingernail will grow into a massive plant. How much space does each plant need to flourish?

Have you ever underestimated the size a plant will grow? Or how much time and energy one plant may take? Gardens require adequate space for each plant to thrive. Dedicated time, space, and resources. This is simply why factoring in time for weeding is so crucial for a garden to grow properly.

The garden is simply your playground for life. It’s what you interact with every day. Whether it’s the energy of an inviting, relaxing, and flowing living room or a cluttered office with paper and boxes scattered about distracting you. These basic dynamics play into your day whether you realize it or not.

In what ways do you want your senses to come to awaken? Every day you get to decide what is and what is not part of your playground. The fundamental aspect is about how we want to play and what makes this play come easy for us.

Your living environment, work environment, and relationships are your playground. As spring turns into summer, it’s time to clean out and spruce up the garden of life. Take time this week. What adjustments to your playground will make you flourish and grow?

There’s a simple secret to your playground. Bring in the pleasure and senses. It’s time to have fun, enjoyment, and play in your playground. Taste life again. It’s delicious.

Feel the AWE. It’s heavenly.

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