Ever have an incident so strong that to this day you can still drum up the exact emotion and even pinpoint where you were? In a nutshell, it sucks. Whether its 9/11 or when you realized your marriage was over? Heartache hurts.

As Jill and Andy started their hike deep in the mountains, they were excited by the few cars, non-working technology, and the peace that only nature can bring with such ease. As the pine trees tickled their noses, and gently touched their skin, they were delighted to be in such a grand and mystical place.

With one foot in front of the other, Jill and Andy set out on their “difficult-rated” hike for the day. Prepared for a long day, they brought extra food and water. They learned the hard way that “difficult” means vastly different ideas depending on who rates the hike.

As the elevation increased, their pace slowed. Hearing an invisible stream soothed their legs as they climbed higher and higher reaching above the tree line. Jill reached out and grabbed Andy’s arm, looking dead in his eyes with a stare he’d never seen before. Shoosh! It’s a moose and her babies. The moose towered way over her stature. They walked slowly backwards getting out of the path between mother and child. The little moose followed and all was well.

As Jill, looked back keeping an eye on the moose’s whereabouts, she noticed an odd sighting across the valley to the other mountain. She asked Andy, what that may be. It looked as if someone had taken a big spoon and emptied all the trees from one area. As they continued hiking, that area grew larger and larger as they could see more of the mountain.

Suddenly, they realized that the whole area was burned to the ground leaving a huge scar in the mountain. The devastation caused by one single forest fire rippled through an entire mountain range. Animals moved as there was no food or shelter. It was completely barren. When the rains came, it washed dirt into the valley floor making the area even more scarred.

Even nature has its wounds and scars.

This left a huge impact on Andy and Jill and how to prevent forest fires and learn about forest fire mitigation of overgrowth areas. It moved them so much that they joined local chapters to assist.

In our own lives, a single incident can leave deep marks, scars, and wounds for years. They are not always visible to the naked eye. It’s simply when our heartaches. The way the mountain ached when all its trees burned. If we continue to hold on to these wounds without healing them, they become visible in our outward behavior. Whether it’s the abandonment of ourselves, and our values, or allowing something unacceptable to continue.

If old wounds are surfacing, they are ready for processing and integration. Let’s not waste valuable time and energy on our wounds. We can’t change the past. Detach from the heartache, and attach to a beautifully created amazing path forward. When the lessons from the wounds are processed and integrated, you turn scars into sage wisdom.

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