Imagine during a nature walk you came across a patch of wild mushrooms growing. You were super excited to taste something new and if it satisfied your craving for a delicious new food to add to the monotony of the week. 

Your eyes tantalize the new delight that you’re about to prepare for dinner. Your thirst aliens inside for the rich flavor that will come forth. As you dive into the first bit of the fresh new adventure in the woods, your skim tingles with delight. Your culinary preparations exceed your mind and your eyes pop with wonderment. 

With deep surprise, every time you go on this walk there’s a fresh new batch of mushrooms ready to be picked. Excited each time to prepare the mushroom in a new way. 

Yet, over time the mushrooms begin to lose their flavor. You’re a bit perplexed as to why. Did you love them before? Until one day a friend asked about these wild mushrooms. 

Your friend examined the freshly picked mushrooms. Shreek! How long have you been eating these mushrooms? Weekly for almost a year. What?!?! These mushrooms contain a dangerous poison. 

As your eyes open wider than ever before, your jaw drops in a state of horror. Suddenly you feel sick to your stomach. You immediately throw the mushrooms in the garbage. WTF? 

How on earth did you never realize this? 

It’s easy to do something you love in life and then it turns into a poison that slowly deteriorates your life without realizing anything is wrong. 

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Life’s delicious delights can also turn into dangerous deceit. It’s time for raw honesty.

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