Every year a river goes through various water levels from low to overflowing its banks and moving gently downstream to ferocious waves against the rocks. In parallel, our lives go through similar cycles.

The river bank plays a huge role in containing the water. These banks serve as boundaries keeping the water in the river and the land on the other side dry.

Yet, with any relationship, if something is out of harmony all chaos can develop.

If the river exceeds its banks from too much snowmelt to excessive rainfall, we have the potential to lose homes, crops, or anything in the water’s way.

Fortification of these banks comes with one simple thing. It’s a simple relationship that we, too often miss.


When we live in integrity with what makes our heart thrive and maintain consistency around this, we create self-trust.

This is what keeps the gently flowing river within the banks and not overflowing and destroying others or areas of our lives. The water flows, your life flows, and you simply trust that all will be taken care of and stay within the river banks.

The inconsistency puts holes in the fortification slowly eroding the trust. Slow eroding the foundation of the banks that were built.

The relationships can be simple. Sneaking chocolate cake on a daily basis. Avoiding your body’s sign for rest. Missing scheduled time with a loved one. Or, anything that you’ve committed yourself to. This is simply cheating on yourself and your integrity. Your self-trust starts to disappear.

The holes are punched through the river banks and slowly leak. The integrity and trust in yourself degrades.

This week. Fortify self-trust by committing practices that keep your integrity with your heart and well-being.