How strong are your levees? When the levee breaks, what happens?

With any river, the water flow rate increases and decreases based on rainfall and weather upstream. Unfortunately, Mother Nature loves to through curve balls at us to see if we are paying attention and aware.

Some years we experience a drought and the river dries up. Other times, we receive an unexpected foot of rain and the river flows out of its banks with little warning.

In the lower Mississippi River delta, large levees filled with dirt were built on either side of the river. The levees keep us protected, safe, and free from danger. When there is no warning, the levees become essential for survival.

In a flash flood, how high is your property above water?

If you live at sea level, how high have you built a levee to prevent flooding?

Over time, levees get worn. Every day rain slowly erodes the dirt leaving the levees vulnerable to collapse. When these boundaries break, we succumb to the chaos of floods.

The same holds true in your own life.

Where do you let the levee erode and boundaries become porous?

Did you commit to a Keto diet and eat bread or a sugary dessert?
Did you commit to attending a kid’s soccer game and miss it due to a phone call?
Did you commit to working out on a daily basis and then not move for a week?
Did you commit to being kind and non-judgmental to strangers and yell at a driver who cut you off?
Did you commit to more relaxation, then work 10 days straight?

This may seem simple.

Our commitments are the promises we make to ourselves. This keeps us in integrity with who we want to be and become.

Every day we break our promises to ourselves, the levee starts eroding. Every day we keep our promises, the levee gets stronger. Fortify what is important to you.

The chaos of flooding stays contained and never affects us if we keep our boundaries solid and maintain our commitments to ourselves. This is what makes you powerful in life. We cannot control what the rest of the world is doing, yet this is how we control ourselves.

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