A decision that whatever you are experiencing right now is different than what you want to experience an hour from now or even a year from now.

Whether it’s a spontaneous surprise trip to the mountains or the beach for the day or even eating at a new restaurant, a decision must first be made.

The decision becomes a commitment to experience life in a whole new exhilarating and fun way.

The apprehension may move in and leave behind the peace and tranquility of stability and security. Yet, simultaneously you become fully aware of and honor your past. From great triumphant to valuable lessons, these experiences propelled you forward, willingly or unwillingly.

Let’s harness this immense knowledge and gather its wisdom as fuel for the journey ahead.

A decision to move forward with the journey takes great strength and power within. Accepting life is on a different path ahead is the first step.

As you step on this ambitious journey forward, what are you ready to experience now?

Honor your past for the wisdom gathered, commit to a magical journey forward with elation and enthusiasm, and allow the new to emerge gracefully.

Follow this and you’ll never be lost in the forest.

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