In life, we often fear pain. It hurts. And, who wants to get hurt, right? We sometimes take extraordinary steps to avoid pain at all costs. Yet, what we don’t realize is that it costs us a lot more to stay stuck in our current situation. Imagine staying in that job for 10 years that sucks the life out of you. Instead of digging in, putting that resume together, figuring out what you really want, and changing jobs. Yeah, it will take some effort to do this. Is it worth it to you to change? What price would you pay to have 10 years of your life back?

In our relationships – We want a relationship to improve yet we are afraid to have that difficult conversation to share our actual needs and where we want the relationship to go. We’ll complain, stay frustrated instead of having that courageous conversation. One client mentioned, “After I had that conversation, I felt a sense of relief. I’m now on the same page as the other person and we get along better. I’m more likely to have more difficult conversations from now on.” That’s the result I want each of you to have.

Let’s take our health – Many of us want to have more energy and lose weight. We’ll easily grab that soda, that extra scoop of ice cream, that extra cup of coffee instead of grabbing that apple or talking a walk around the block. Yes, it may be hard to reach for a healthy snack or set an exercise goal. But, how will you feel in the long-run?  Case in point, after several of my own health setbacks, it’s taken some time for me to get back into mountain activity shape. Yet, the excitement I had when reaching the summit of a 14,000ft mountain on Saturday in a good time was worth all the effort I put in changing my workout routine and my diet.

It’s easy to go for the quick fix. Instead, think about the long term goal and why it’s important to you. Set your sights high. Exercise those courage muscles and dig down deep inside for what you really want out of the situation.

Keep in mind:

  • What do you really want?
  • What’s your long-term goal?
  • How can you keep the courage muscles active when it gets hard?

Let your courage muscles ache a little so you can say “I can’t believe I did that.” Let the ache serve you in an amazing way instead of a harmful way.

Want to learn how exercise those courage muscles more often? Join me for a strategy session.

Wishing you an abundant, joyful, and prosperous day!

Lora Polowczuk
Chief Energy Officer
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