The link between Gold King Mine and Thanksgiving. There’s a hidden gem to discover.

In 2015 Environmental Protection Agency and Environmental Restoration LLC accidentally released contaminated toxic waste water from the closed Gold King Mine in Silverthorne, Colorado into a local river watershed. This left local creeks filled with orange-tainted water spotted for miles downriver. A complete ecological disaster.

As with physical visibility, it’s rarely what you see before your eyes that’s the real cause.

Toxicity in our own lives can be drawn from several sources.

Our derogatory thoughts. Bitterness from an old relationship. Even resentment that a situation should have gone a different way. This causes toxicity to flow to every area of our lives whether we realize it or not.

Sometimes even the best of efforts go astray for reasons unbeknownst to us.

This Thanksgiving get to the source of this toxicity. The cloudy, murky waters served a greater role and purpose in your life. Be grateful for the lessons that came through. The toxicity once cleaned brings forward strength, resolve, and a new self-belief in what’s possible.

From here you emerge into a new style of being and doing. This allows you to reach unprecedented expansion in new territories of life, career, and relationships.

Be grateful for all experiences in life, it’s preparing you for what’s next. It’s time to believe that all your heart desires and deserves is possible.

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