As we approach deep into the summer, our garden is blooming in full swing. We recognize what seeds sprouted with relative ease yet others received too much rain and fizzled out.

Yet, what if. What if there is something that’s still dormant in the ground? The seeds you thought you planted yet forgot to write down when you planted all the seeds over a couple of weeks earlier this year.

What if due to your emotional detail and consistent nourishment of your garden something new is ready to sprout?

Imagine that your heart’s deepest dreams and desires are still dormant seeds in your garden. The possibility requires faith. This becomes a radical shift in your own beliefs. What if this possibility can indeed become reality? Believe it without seeing it. Completely world-changing.

Before a seed ever comes above ground, it slowly breaks its outer shell. The seed transforms and gently begins gathering nourishment from the soil. As the seed unravels and journeys upward, slowly meandering through the dirt to find the sunlight, it keeps growing without being seen by the naked eye. The seed continues to move and grow, unfolding in surprising and miraculous ways.

Then, suddenly one day. The seed transformed into a sprout shattering the soil’s edge and popping out in glorious wonder and amazement. The same way glass ceilings shatter with force yet massive astonishment for what’s possible.

Belief in the unknown may be earth-shattering for you.

It’s time to believe that your deepest dreams are possible. Belief in the possibility and faith that it will indeed happen brings newfound emotions forward.

If your deepest dreams and desires come true, what feeling will come through?

Bring that feeling into your everyday. It’s time to think big and play bigger. This is the path of belief and faith.

It’s time to get you going. You’re invited to a special strategy session with me to bring your dreams forward. Dreams have no room for doubt. Hesitation gets us nowhere. Schedule this today.

Let’s bring your dreams from seed to sprout to breaking ground. Can’t wait to see you astonish yourself!

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