What April’s Fools plays out in your world? Society loves to tell us what to think, how to act, and what we should accomplish. Imagine the ocean telling the dessert how to stay wet. What about a kola bear telling an elephant to be cuddly and cute?  

A bit ridiculous right?  

Too often we become the fool in life seeking all that we think will make us happy. We wait to enjoy a new restaurant until we get the bonus in our paycheck. You blame others for what’s not going right. 

Yet, all of these experiences lead us to a special gift. The same way a tiny seed over months turns into a giant six-foot towering sunflower aiming high into the sky.  

This gift is about integrating our wounds into seeds of wisdom. The way the nutrients, dirt, and water integrate with the seed to flourish, our wounds become pillars of our foundation. Through this integration, we grow stronger and stronger reaching higher and higher into the air seeking more light.  

The wisdom of wounds become shape shifters twisting in a new direction to which way the sun is shining and bringing further light into our lives.  

With this new foundation established, you begin to inspire yourself for something bigger, something more. You are ready for something big to flourish! 

As the sunsets each night, the sunflower gently closes their pedals inward, protecting itself from the cooler night air.  

Where in your life can you inspire yourself and set big, bold new intentions for the remainder of the year?  

What’s the most beautiful, outrageous dream that would fulfill your deepest, darkest desires?  

Now is the time to build from the wounds of wisdom and stretch yourself into the unknown and allow your biggest desires to flourish beyond your wildest dreams.  

It’s time to stop being the fool and letting others dictate how you should be. Surpass societal pressures and reach towards the light and expand further and deeper into the light. Turn the fool’s journey into an initiation that transforms wounds into how you really want to show up and be in this next phase of life.  

Spring has sprung.   

Do this and watch in amazement as your life unfolds and delivers you more than you ever expected.  

Wishing you an abundant, joyful, and prosperous day! 

Lora Polowczuk 

Chief Energy Officer 


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