Have you ever wanted to be the fly on the wall during an intense conversation listening in to everything? This deep curiosity takes listening to a whole new level. Any aspect of yourself is removed. No opinion is offered. It’s straight-up pure observation. It’s different, right?

As the birds migrate south, they see the 100-foot view above everything. They fly. They create beautiful memorizing formations. They don’t let the pesky humans bother them. Ever wonder what the bird’s viewpoint of all these humans down below is? What do they think of us?

Here’s what the bird sees:

An older couple deeply in love holding hands on a neighborhood walk.
A young lady deep in contemplation enjoying the warmth of a cup of coffee.
The tension of a couple not speaking yet their energetic appearance shows anger, frustration, and disappointment.
Kids play soccer, some are deeply competitive while others are enjoying the fun.
The stir of a mother’s stomach wondering if she can afford the food for her kids this week.

This bird’s eye view shows the energetic exchange between people or within themselves. If a bird saw how you talked to yourself, what would it notice? Would it observe loving, caring thought or a harmful, depreciative thought?

This higher viewpoint shows every aspect of an interaction. It gives a whole new level of perspective not previously seen to those deep in the conversation of interaction. This is where 1 +1 = 3. It’s you, the other person, and the higher aspect of the two of you together. As perception grows, new possibilities rise forward. Who doesn’t love some new possibilities in the chaos?

These new perceptions reveal the energetic characteristics that come through, whether spoken or unspoken. If you keep telling yourself in your head, you’re in a constant struggle, that’s what you’re telling the world you want. If you open your fridge and say thank you for the abundance of food, you depict gratitude. Know what you’re striving for. Do your thoughts match the possibility you desire?

The birds see what’s going on deep inside each person. How are their words coming through their prior painful experience? Are the tears and pain coming from a constant struggle to never get ahead of the curveball? Are words coming from unhealed wounds? Or, are words expressed through rich wisdom deep within?

The birds have no judgment. No critique. The birds only have a frame of love through their observation of us humans.

Imagine taking a situation in your life right now. What’s going on deep within you? From the 100-foot perspective, what would you observe about yourself and the situation? How can you reframe it from a higher perspective?

There’s a difference between the following:

“I constantly struggle.”


“I’m learning new approaches to the same situation. Each fresh approach gives me guidance on how to do it differently next time.”

As Einstein once said, Doing the same thing over and over again is insanity. So, let’s change it up then! Seek a higher perspective.

What fresh approach can you take as a result of the higher bird’s eye view perspective?

This will give rise to new inspirational insights from your higher self than dealing with the demons from your ego. From here turn unconscious wounds into higher wisdom. This creates a new version of wealth from self-love and self-forgiveness.

Start looking at all situations from the observer’s perspective. This bird’s eye view provides a wealth of new information to guide you in every situation.

Wishing you an abundant, joyful, and prosperous day!

Lora Polowczuk
Chief Energy Officer

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