Every season the farmer scans across the vast acres of land that he farms. Closing his eyes, drifting into a dream state, he recalls by the day how each crop grew that season. With a whimsical smile, he noticed how in certain areas the crops soared in height while in others, they barely broke the ground.    

Opening his eyes wide, he laughs so hard that his belt buckle breaks. The farmer’s rough and rugged voice belts out, it’s time to change things up for next season’s crops.  

The farmer walked slowly and calculated throughout his field. With careful observation, in each area, he grabbed and felt the texture of the soil as it crumbled out of his hand.   

Yup, that’s it. This is exactly what we’ll do to change things up.   

With four different sections to tend to, he decided. No analytical graphs or pie charts. No debate amongst. He knew. The farmer could even sense what temperatures and rainfall would be forthcoming in the months ahead.   

The farmer called in his support team and directed them accordingly, ready to teach them what his reasoning was.   

One field will have no crops at all. This field’s nutrients have been depleted and need time to replenish.    

The second field will have a crop that requires more phosphorus and less nitrogen. With only a farmer’s eye, he can tell what nutrients are missing.  

The third field will have the same crop as before as it yielded more crops than the year prior.   

The fourth field will plant one-third fewer seeds. With a keen eye, the farmer knew he had one more season in this field with that particular crop.    

The dirt for which we grow our crops and life’s memories consistently nourishes us and sustains us.   

If each field represents a part of your life, what areas are you investing your precious time and energy in? What areas are depleted?   

How we nourish our own dirt determines how our next set of crops fairs. Keeping the same crop with bad dirt, will not produce the same results as the prior season. Overuse in any one area can deplete another.   

This week, take a good hard look. What have you been denying yourself? Play,? Fun? Positive relationships? What have you been holding on to for far too long? This situation ran its course many months or years ago.   

Overused dirt depletes our core nutrients. As with rotating crop fields, assess what areas of your life require more or fewer nutrients.  

This two-pronged approach to switching out your crops and nourishing the soil will refill your soul with the sustenance that makes life fun again.   

This becomes your magical self-love. This is self-leadership. To lead a team, your family, or your community, first, you must lead yourself.   

Stop investing in what no longer serves you. Start investing in what brings the best out of you.   

Ready for a deep dive into what areas to replenish? Schedule a strategy session today.   

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