Ever act one way in a situation and then completely different with another group of people? Yet, is it the same issue?

Imagine a world where a rabbit dressed up as an elephant. A bit weird or odd, right?

Every day a beautiful adorable rabbit, sleek, bubbly, and giggly full of laughter and joy showed up to work. One day it dressed up as a large thick-skinned elephant taking up immense space where it roams and feeds.

It’s changing the look as a disguise not allowing your true essence to come through.

Many of you do the same. At work, you are one person and then at home or with friends, you are another.

The behavior is not congruent. It’s pretending to be someone you are not. This only serves as protective barriers and walls that block the world from seeing your amazingness.

Imagine if the rabbit, all joyful and playful showed up to work bringing a new perspective to the day’s unfolding.

The entire staff would receive ideas, suggestions, and decisions more openly because you’re showing up exactly as you and no one else.

Playing big when you hide the beauty within does not serve the world. Let your almighty joyful and playful side come to the forefront. This beauty shining its light outward showcases the real you. This is when creativity thrives, lovingkindness grows, and peace builds within.

If you operated from your highest and best state of being, what dreams can be brought to fruition?
It’s when we stop acting out multiple variations of ourselves and become the same person no matter the circumstance or group of people, we operate from a place of oneness. There is no evil self and good self. No masculine or feminine. We operate from a state of complete being, when all aspects of ourselves are integrated we show up as we are. There are no differences between work and home, relaxing and focused projects, showered and dirty. You are comfortable in your own skin at all times.

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