Emerging evolution requires space for the next cycle to come forth. Every season brings forward explosive eruptive energy disrupting everything in its path. In the same way, a volcano’s moving lava flow levels the playing field out. This new fresh space opens the horizon, expanding the land and spreading nutrients.

While the disruption, fumes, and chaos invoke a stoic stillness, suddenly what’s been an ash-covered sky lightens to a crystal-clear horizon. Mother Nature has her way of casting out the darkness, and the overgrowth, and making a clear path forward.

As lava flow slowly trickles down the hillside, it reveals hidden truths, some of which come to be burned away while others seek to remain out of harm’s way. What’s been disrupted is brought to light. What’s been destroyed is let go. What’s left has a deep impact on what truly matters most.

After all, lava follows the path of least resistance as it gently flows down the volcano. Yet, simultaneously, lava flows and thrusts you abruptly into a whole new existence.

The fuel from the volcano comes from deep within. The catalytic burn releases all the unwanted layers and growth that are ready to erode. As the lava ignites all in its path, your unbridled passion makes clear what is of high value. Deep passions emerge as you shed the layers that hold you back.

The passion ignites ways that inspire you. Laughing from within at the silliness of it all. You suddenly become lighter and freer from all that’s been burned away. It’s less baggage to carry on the journey now. Decisions become easier. Laughter becomes a joy. Seriousness burns away.

Your curiosity brings out giggles and boundless energy. What’s next?

With eyes wide open in wonderment seeking more clues yet, it’s the gentle stir in your belly that gives it all away. Without realizing it, the creative core emerges in a state of awe and reverence, peace and bliss.

The destruction and letting go of resistance become an abrupt force that allows you to receive what is already there. This new open pathway allows you to connect to what matters most. Your passions re-emerge. This stark clarity builds into excitement and exhilaration of what’s to come. Who wants more joy in everything they do? Let go of resistance to receive. Stop forcing and begin to allow yourself to receive.

Everything you need to create is already within you. The next cycle is ready for evolution. Reach out and claim it.

What passions are ready to emerge?

Wishing you an abundant, joyful, and prosperous day!

Lora Polowczuk
Chief Energy Officer

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