A rose is not a tulip. An oak tree is not a weeping willow. A dolphin is not a swan. Yet, they are flowers, trees, and animals. And, they bring beauty, shade and strength, and playful movement.

How many different ways do you label, analyze, and critique things?

Even more, how often do you label yourself or others instead of simply accepting them? Labeling creates a limit that a person or an object can only be one thing. We know that’s simply not the case. Humans are versatile and complex. To simply call someone a Mom, a manager, or a store owner doesn’t give way to the vast character that person has.

A butterfly morphs through so many stages that one cannot easily define what it is. Is the caterpillar not a butterfly?

As humans, we evolve as well. And, rarely do we enjoy labels that hold us down and keep us caged inside. Whether we do it to ourselves or others, our thinking must change. Additionally, most human labels relate to something we do instead of more important, who we are.

It’s time to break barriers and shatter the glass ceiling on what’s possible for you.

What new lifestyle is ready to come forward?

Riding horses along the beach or in the mountains
Traveling abroad
More fun outings with friends or family
Simply enjoying life

Each lifestyle demands one thing. How are we setting ourselves up to get there? It’s more than a label.

Yet, there’s a plot twist. It’s the one thing that keeps us caged, stuck in a box, doing the same thing over and over again. Einstein said it best, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

It’s the boogie man. It’s what we think is dark and scary that really isn’t. Simply allow your mind to believe anything is possible. Life truly can be easy, effortless, simple, and fulfilling not wrought with heaviness, burdens, stress, and obstacles.

What do you choose?

Its mindset. What holds us back is as simple as changing one belief, such as letting go of

It takes hard work
Embrace the struggle
I don’t have time.

Our boogie man is simply the bad attitude and belief we have.

If we simply allow and accept, life and opportunities can easily walk into our lives effortlessly.

Let’s ax the boogie man this week, get out of the cage, and walk into a vibrant, energized, and easy lifestyle that you are truly destined for. Become the butterfly.