Would you love to be overflowing with Abundance? Access to the super secret Bubbalicious Bank is easier than you think. Prosperity comes in many forms. Do you pause and appreciate the many ways abundance shows up daily?

Abundance appears in a rose blossom that radiates beauty love, and adoration. Roses tickle your skin relax the eyes and delight your nose buds. As rose petals open and bring awe-inspiring beauty, the simple admiration for growth from a small bud to a wide flower emerges. Without evening knowing, all stress, worries, and disappointments dissolve straight into the ground the way grass soaks up rain.

The pause in simple appreciation makes the obstacles in the journey dissipate. Too much rain. Soils nutrients off balance and those seemingly pesky little bugs and small insects that crawl up the rose stems.

When there are no boundaries, it’s as if there is a direct path to the nectar without navigating through the thorns. Yet, reality dictates otherwise. A squirrel won’t nibble on roses. Neither will a deer.

Rumi declared, “A rose’s rarest essence lives in the thorn.”

These thorns serve as a gentle reminder to slow down. Give yourself permission to pause. An insect carefully navigates around thorns with each gentle movement. Each step was taken in appreciation of where the thorn is not on the stem.

This soft pause builds up your energy reserves. This is what makes the bank, big and bubbalicious. When energy reserves are restored, replenished, and rejuvenated clear concise decisions come easily. Your whole life becomes easy and effortless.

The thorns give roses protection the way clouds soften the sun on a hot summer day. A deer easily nibbles on daffodils and other flowers yet the roses are safe and secure with thorns. This protection is really about what you give permission to. What do you allow?

Do you deter the bigger issues with thorns that provide clear boundaries of what’s not allowed? Or, do you allow the smallest irritant to ruin your day? The thorns while sharp create a boundary fence for what’s permitted and allowed. Too many of you have Swiss cheese boundaries that allow every irritant possible in.

The stronger the appreciation for what brings you abundance, the more you will honor the thorns of boundaries. This appreciation fuels your energy and contributes quickly to the big bubbalicious Abundance Bank.

This week, notice what you allow. Where is the interplay between appreciation, allowance, and abundance coming together?

Wishing you an abundant, joyful, and prosperous day!

Lora Polowczuk
Chief Energy Officer

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