With every acorn, a dormant potential exists. This acorn can simply stay an acorn and over time slowly rot and disintegrate. Or on the other end of the spectrum, this acorn might be so audacious that it can be the biggest oak tree in the world.

Potential is great. All fine and dandy. Yet, it is truly the activated potential plus the power of possibility that determines its destiny.

There’s a simple power within every acorn. Every seed has all the key components to be the most audacious tree on the planet. And, you can easily achieve any dream that you so desire.

How big can you dream?

Who do you want to impact?

What do you want to impact?

If an acorn not only wants to be the biggest tree in the world, it also provides shade in the hot summer sun, produces more acorns to start a forest, and provides shelter during a storm due to its strong core and trunk.

One thing makes this possibility a reality. It’s daily nourishment.

This nourishment simply brings the acorn what it requires on a daily basis.

If you’re giving the acorn nitrogen daily when it requires phosphorous daily, then the acorn may stay dormant or may not grow to its fullest potential.

Does your daily life jive with the destiny your heart desires?

Perhaps you need more play, less screen time, or simply fewer distractions.

This week align your daily nourishment with the audacious goals you set out to accomplish. Watch how your acorn grows by leaps and bounds.

Simply an hour a day working on your dream is 365 hours to get make a larger impact.

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